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Transmission Services

Transmission Services

WB Mechanical Services offer comprehensive Transmission Services including, in-house repairs and reconditioning for all types of manual gearbox. This includes a full fitting and removal service where required.

We specialise in Historic, Classic and Racing Car transmissions as well as repairs for modern systems. Typically, it can be very difficult to diagnose a gearbox fault without first looking inside. The cost of a replacement unit can  be thousands of pounds for some vehicles, making repairs or reconditioning a much more viable and economic option.

Worn components and breakages often only fully reveal themselves upon a detailed bench inspection and following dismantling of the transmission. At this stage, an assessment may be made as to the extent of damage and required repairs.


WB Specialise in Remanufacturing Vintage, Classic and Racing Gearboxes
WB Specialise in Remanufacturing Historic, Classic and Racing Gearboxes
Gearbox Reconditioning

With old or badly worn transmissions, sometimes the only way forward is to dismantle the unit completely, and install new parts internally where required. These may include gears, shafts, bearings, seals and other ancillary items. Certain key components may require machining to return them to the required standard. With some vintage transmissions, replacement parts can be difficult to find.

WB are able to manufacture most types of internal gearbox components at our in-house machine shop if the part cannot be sourced.


Reconditioning Process
  • Removal of transmission from vehicle, before external cleaning and inspection.
  • The unit is then dismantled, inspected and assessed, pending a thorough clean.
  • All worn parts are replaced both internal and external.
  • Key components are machined to meet the manufacturers specifications.
  • Re-assembly then takes place with replacement bearings, gaskets, seals, and other ancillary items as required.
  • Clearance dimensions and end float settings are adjusted to the required  specifications.
  • Final Bench Tests prior to fitting.

All WB Gearbox repairs come with a 3 month Warranty. (*Excluding competition transmissions)

Specialised Transmission Repairs


WB Motorsport Transmissions

WB Mechanical Services have substantial experience in the Motorsport transmission field. Our technicians have over 20 years experience in working with racing transmissions. Venues have included all types of Motor Sport including Off Road , Clubman Racing, Drag Racing, Drifting, Rally and Circuit Racing.

We can rebuild all makes of race/rally transmission ranging from the latest straight cut sequential dog engagement transmissions to historic synchromesh style transmissions.

We supply and fit a broad range of gearboxes and specialised gear kits to suit many different types of vehicle.

H Pattern Synchromesh (Traditional Gearbox Arrangement)

This is a traditional gearbox layout which uses synchromesh gear interlacement to achieve efficient and smooth gear changes. Several alternative gear ratio options are available to suit particular Motorsport configurations and to optimise the use of the available power from the engine.

Dog Type Transmission

Dog engagement transmissions are the next evolution of gear changing technologies. With lap times often being calculated to the nearest tenth of a second, every moment counts. Dog type transmissions seek to decrease the time taken during gear changes, by removing the need to use a clutch between selections.


Sequential Transmissions

In racing terms, this is the fastest way to change gear. With gear selections happening almost instantaneously and with no requirement to reduce engine RPM during changes, these type of transmissions are at the forefront of currently available technologies. With further advances including electronic paddle activated shifts, these gearboxes make very light work of what was a time consuming and relatively work intensive activity.

Motorsport Transmissions are available to suit both 4 wheel drive and 2 wheel drive set ups and for various Motorsport disciplines.