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WB Motorsport Services

We offer a range of Motorsport Services. From simple upgrades like tyres, wheels, powertrain, brakes and suspension, all the way up to engine, clutch and gearbox changes and specialist set ups.

WB welcome projects from ground up rebuilds (from a basic chassis upwards), to engine modifications and rally preparation. As a result, we work with many different types of motorsport vehicles and venues. These include for Road, Drifting, Oval Circuit Racing, Clubman Class, Grass Racing, Custom Cars, 4 WD Offroad, Classic, Historic Racers and Hotrods.


Technical advice, product support and help with planning is available to all of our clients. Whatever the scale of the requirement, our staff have many years direct experience derived from within the motor racing industry.

Track Day set Ups and Race Support

WB track day set ups are a smart way to make the very best of your time at the circuit.

Racing tracks are incredibly demanding venues where cars and individual parts are worked to their very limits. Safety should always come before performance and lap times.

Ordinary brakes for example can overheat and fade and road tyres are unlikely to deliver the required levels of grip. Suspension should be tuned where possible to suit the nature of the circuit. Finally, a thorough check of the entire vehicle is required to make certain it is track ready. WB provide a full track day set up service which includes a detailed vehicle inspection. We are able to provide track side support by special arrangement.


WB Motorsport Engineering