Garage Services

High Class Servicing and Repairs to all makes of vehicle
High Class Servicing and Repairs to all makes of vehicle
General Services

We provide general servicing and repairs for all makes of cars and many types of light commercial vehicle. WB are able to service to manufacturers individual maintenance specifications and plans. So your vehicle keeps in step with main dealer service routines. This makes certain all aspects of your vehicle’s engineering are properly maintained.

WB Mechanical Services Reception Area
WB Mechanical Services – Site Reception


Our mandate is to provide the highest quality repairs, servicing and technical advice possible to our customers at an affordable price.

We have a broad spectrum of clients from collectors, enthusiasts and motoring museums to private owners and company fleets. We aim to deliver a class leading service at all times.



Clutch, Brake and Exhaust System Repairs

Replacement parts can be supplied and fitted from either the original equipment manufacturer or an after-market parts provider to suit the budget for your vehicle. We also supply a range of upgrades to suit both road and competition use.

Computerised Diagnostics & Fault Finding

Nearly all modern engines depend on advanced engine management systems and a network of sophisticated sensors in order to run efficiently. As a result, when faults arise, often special equipment is required to help diagnose and resolve them.

WB Advanced Computer Diagnostics Tools
WB Advanced Computerised Diagnostics

WB has a comprehensive suite of the most advanced diagnostic tools available. This allows us to measure, test and diagnose everything from faulty parts to the gas emissions from your exhaust. We are able to “plug-in” to the vehicle’s On Board Diagnostics System via a connecting data port to read and manage all listed faults. For most vehicles showing component faults (Sensors and other electronic issues) , we are able to provide a fast diagnostic and solution.

Body Work and Chassis Repairs

We undertake most forms of minor body panel damage and are fully equipped to handle chassis corrosion and general repairs. We provide welding services for both steel and aluminium based projects. WB are able to fabricate bespoke components where required, to suit your needs.

Air Conditioning Systems

Repairs and servicing to all types of vehicle Air Conditioning System. Faulty Components replaced including, pipes, compressors, dryers and replacement particulate filters. We offer a comprehensive air conditioning service together with re-gassing facilities which meet all of the current environmental standards and legislation.

All Makes of Vehicle Serviced and Maintained
WB Mechanical Services MOT Testing Centre - Watson Court, Stafford
WB Mechanical Services – MOT Testing Centre – Watson Court, Stafford

To make arrangements for an MOT Appointment, call us on 01785 213774 and we will be happy to book you in.

MOT Services

We have a brand new, MOT Facility with custom inspection pit and the very latest testing and diagnosis equipment. The Test Centre opened in September, 2018. The company has its own team of vehicle examiners. Clients may view the inspection process from a TV monitor located in the waiting area at reception.

WB Mechanical Services MOT Inspections
WB Vehicle Inspections
MOT Inspections

We are able to conduct pre-mot inspections by arrangement. This is followed by a detailed client report. We can complete any required repairs prior to conducting a formal MOT Test.

Our facilities enable us to complete MOT Inspections on all cars, vans, light commercial vehicles, motorhomes. This includes all vehicles within Class 4 (cars and light vans) and Class 7 (3 to 3.5 tonne design gross weight).

In the event of an MOT failure notice being issued, we are able to re-inspect the vehicle following repairs free of charge, for up to 10 days after issue of notice.

MOT Bookings

Tests may be booked directly through our office. We will always try our best to accommodate your appointment as quickly as possible, especially where urgent, however, please be aware that the MOT diary can sometimes be busy. Please allow around an hour for the test to be completed and an MOT Certificate to be issued. We have a waiting area next to our main reception.

WB Mechanical Services - Ministry of Transport Approved Testing Station
MOT Testing for all Cars & Light Vans (Class 4) + Light Commercial Vehicles and some types of Motor-Home (Class 7)
Tyres supplied from most manufacturers including Budget, Mid Range, Premium and Competition Grades


Replacement Tyres

WB Mechanical Services can supply and fit tyres from most of the worlds leading manufacturers. This includes a range of alternatives from quality budget types, through to premium and competition solutions.

All Types of Wheels Supplied

We offer a full tyre fitting and wheel balancing service and can arrange safe disposal of your old parts.

With so many offerings available in the marketplace for new tyres, it can sometimes be a difficult task to select the best option for your particular situation. Our engineers are able to give impartial advice on the most suitable tyre solutions based on your anticipated use, budget and vehicle type.

It is normally possible to match to your existing tyre specification and manufacturer exactly, where this is required. We are always happy to inspect your existing tyres and advise on condition, tread depth and likely remaining lifespan, including the spare.

Tracking and 4 Wheel alignment
Laser Wheel Alignment and 4 wheel multipoint setup for Road or Racing
Laser Wheel Alignment and 4 wheel multipoint setup for Road or Racing

Wheel alignment or tracking is a critical part of a vehicles set up. Poor alignment can lead to premature tyre wear and bad handling characteristics. The alignment process involves measuring the angles and specific directions of your vehicles’ wheels, and comparing the results against the manufacturers recommended road use settings. Modern vehicles have wheels which are adjustable in multiple directions, allowing for a highly accurate approach to adjustments.

This allows for the possibility of achieving very precise settings. These may be varied to suit a variety of specialised set ups, including for racing and off road activities. We provide the very latest in wheel alignment systems. These utilise both lasers and wheel pad weighing sensors. This allows us to handle the most demanding of 4 wheel set ups for all situations from general road use to competitions.